Tóm tắt kiến thức chung nhất ISTQB foundation bằng hình ảnh- Chương 5

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Chúng tôi tiếp tục gửi đến các bạn bản tóm tắt ISTQB foundation của chị Tạ Thị Thinh giảng viên 3 năm kinh nghiệm đào tạo ISTQB
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CHAPTER 5: Test Management (K3)

5.1 Test Organization and Independence

5.1.1 Test Independence


5.1.2 Task of test leader and Tester

Testing phase

Test leader tasks

Tester tasks

Planning and control –          Plans, monitors and controls the testing activities and task

–          Write or review a test strategy

–          Coordinate the test strategy and plan with project managers and others

–          Contribute the testing perspective to other project activities

–          Plan the tests

–          Decide what should be automated, to what degree, and how

–          Introduce suitable metrics

Review and contribute to test plans
Analysis and design –          Initiate the specification, preparation, implementation and execution of tests

–          Select tools to support testing

–          Analyze test basic

–          Identify test condition

Implement and execution –          Decide about the implementation of the test environment

–          Set up adequate configuration management of testware for traceability

–          Adapt planning based on test result and progress

–          Create test specifications

–          Set up the test environment

–          Prepare and acquire test data

–          execute and log the tests

–          Automate tests

–          Review tests developed by others

–          Use test tools as required for monitoring

Evaluation exit criteria and report –          Write test summary reports

–          Monitor the test results and check the exit criteria

–          Decide to stop testing or not

–          Measure performance of components and systems
Closed activity –          Gathering metrics and analysis

–          Collect testware  and test environment

–          Analysis lesson learned and improve process

–          Contribute to analysis lesson learned

5.2 Test Planning and Estimation (K3)

Test plan items:

  • Scope
  • Objectve
  • Approach
  • Criterial
  • Schedule
  • Resources
  • Deliverable
  • Metrics
  • Risks

Test plan template

ISTQB test plan template

5.3.1 Test Progress Monitoring (K1)

ISTQB test report template

5.4 Risk and Testing (K2)

Risk can be defined as the chance of an event, hazard threat or situation occurring and resulting in undesirable  consequences or a potential problem

The level of risk will be determined by the likelihood and the impact

Project risk Product risk
A risk to the project’s capability to deliver products: Scope, cost, Time A risk to quality of product
Related to management and control of the (test) project, e.g. lack of  ATM  staffing, strict deadlines, changing requirements Directly related to the test object

5.5 Incident Management (K3)

ISTQB Incidence process

ISTQB incidence report template


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